epiLED company is the official distributor of LED Wizard software made by Aries Graphics International. Thanks that our company is able to prepare for you a complete valuation of LED lighting in light boxes, channel letters, neon signs, etc.

Just upload a graphic file of your project to our e-mail address. In response, you will receive a final valuation of LED lighting.


Hybrid Layout – one inline plus parallel runs

Parallel layouts – vertical, horizontal, angled

Any size or shape, not just rectangles


Per letter and/or sign cabinet

Data can be customized, including metric units

Easily adjust sizing, spacing and positioning


Summary data for the entire job

Includes total modules, watts and power supplies

Can be further customized, scaled and positioned


User easily selects, positions and loads

Summary information can be customized

Multiple ways to load power supplies

Complex valuation includes:

Choosing the appropriate module from the epiLED’s offer

Optimal arrangement LED modules in light box, channel letter, etc.

Choosing the appropriate power supply with reserve capacity

Arrangement of mounting holes

The cost of materials used in the project

Official distributor of LED Wizard

Additionally, as an official distributor, epiLED company can provide LED Wizard software for your company.

With this solution you will be able to prepare the valuation and calculate the amount of modules needed for the project by own.

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