Are you still looking for LED solutions for shallow light boxes?

Planar Board

Meet the Planar Board

Planar Board made stunning impression on our visitors at the International Trade Fair for Advertising and Printing RemaDays Warsaw 2017 – one of the largest trade shows in advertising industry in the world. This module enjoys a growing trust among our clients in every month. Planar Board has already been appreciated by the famous clothing brand, which is an additional incentive for us to improve it all the time.

Planar Board has six specially designed lenses with a true 170-degree beam angle, providing perfectly uniform lighting without any discoloration. Six LED diodes with a total power of 6 W, with high luminous efficiency. Thick aluminum PCB provides superb heat dissipation and long lifespan of LEDs, much longer than LED strips.

Planar Board was designed for shallow light boxes with minimum depth of 60 mm. However, our first clients went further and successfully used it in applications with a depth of 30 to 150 mm. It all depends on the used materials, purpose and of course creativity. All these features perfectly confirm the versatility of the Planar Board, which we are extremely proud of.

Planar Board

Why Planar Board instead of traditional modules or LED strips?

That’s a very good question we want to answer as best as we can. The final decision is always up to you.

Below there’s a short presentation of Planar Board compared to another premium LED module – Opticor1 and professional LED strip – EMPI. We used a light box of dimensions 1000 x 1000 mm and a depth of 60 mm for our study. To light up it we will need 121 pcs of Opticor1, 20 meters of EMPI (4 reels total) or only 12 pcs of Planar Board. Besides the ease of assembly of the Planar Board you can save not only time, but also the money!

Planar Board will be cheaper from 11% to 13%. Cost calculation did not include any power supplies and aluminum profiles needed to install LED strips.

Planar Board

Poza niesamowitymi parametrami świetlnymi zależało nam również na wygodzie podczas montażu naszego produktu. Listwy Planar Board połączymy ze sobą w trybie moduł-moduł oraz moduł-zasilacz za pomocą dołączonych konektorów. Listwę o długości 500 mm łatwo możemy podzielić na odcinki 250 milimetrowe, a jeszcze w tym roku wypuścimy wersję z dzieleniem, co 1 diodę, co dodatkowo ułatwi montaż.

Planar Board

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